A ‘writer’

Achieving your goals and dreams is not easy. The truth is you will face struggles and problems throughout the journey that’s why you need to be and to stay strong.

But, sometimes, the real problem is not the environment.

It is ourselves.

I know in myself how many times I tried. I tried to write stories.

I created my plot, style, and characters. I tried to build them all.

I tried to make a name in this writing industry.

In some moments, I was so eager to write. I thought I want and I can do it. I can finish a novel. I can finish a whole series.

Yet in those times, I never finish at least one short story.

That’s why as time goes by, I was losing my interest and hope. The small hope I’m holding was slipping away. I don’t know how I can hold on anymore.

So I thought, who am I anyway? I can’t even finish a novel. Who am I to hope?

I was just a girl. A girl who wants to have motivations to keep going.

The real deal is that I have nothing. I have nothing to hold on to. I was weak. I was weak to write. I was weak to continue. I can’t handle the consequences that will come. I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t prepared for any criticism that I need to face.

I know how to write. But how about writing properly? Like others? Like those published writers? Those famous writers?

How can I make them imagine like they are also involved in the story? To make them feel the protagonist and antagonist’s feelings? To bring them to another world?

I don’t know how to be creative like those writers that many people are looking up to.

But I want to be a writer. That’s the thing that is always in my mind. I want to write even if I don’t know how.

That’s why even if how many times I will write and stop, still, I will continue what I wanted. Thinking that maybe, my time will come. That I can face anything and everything. Maybe it will be the right time for me.

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